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Dual Diagnosis / MISA

Dual Diagnosis / MISA

Dual Diagnosis / MISA

Dual diagnosis refers to those who are living with Mental Illness and Substance Abuse (MISA) disorders at the same time. Unless they are treated together, one’s condition may worsen while the other improves.

If your child presents with mental health symptoms, they often face roadblocks while trying to access substance abuse treatment until the mental health symptoms are stabilized.

Adolescents may use substances as an attempt to cope with mental illness. Often, this elevates emotional and behavioral instability.

Specialized Substance Abuse Component within Our Psychiatric Acute Unit

Your requiring this level of care will receive separate substance abuse/chemical dependency treatment in addition to the same clinical treatment that takes place within our regular acute unit. This treatment includes:

  • Comprehensive biopsychosocial/chemical dependency assessment
  • Focused chemical dependency groups
  • Individual and family therapy focused on substance abuse recovery
  • Client and family substance abuse education
  • Relapse prevention strategies

Discharge planning for every patient at Lincoln Prairie begins the day they enter our facility. We will work side-by-side in your area in order to ensure reintegration into the community. We provide inclusive treatment to each child that presents with a broad range of psychiatric and behavioral disorders. A clinically skilled multidisciplinary team works with you and your child to accomplish the goals in a secure and comfortable environment.

We provide a secure, nurturing and comfortable setting that fosters growth to empower every child to accomplish their goals. We are able to treat all children through a continuum of care.

The successful transition back into your community is always our targeted outcome. Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health Center is dedicated to working closely with agencies, schools and all necessary treatment providers to form your treatment teams designed to help your child.

For additional information about our MISA program, call 217-585-1180.

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